“Ensuring security for your transactions”

The evolution of computing platforms, security techniques, and migration to IP technologies has had a significant impact on electronic processing systems for transactions. Traditionally, connectivity to banks, card acquirers, and financial entities had been restricted to the use of legacy connections Рtypically via X.25 and telephone dial-up lines. These analog private connections provide a high degree of security to ensure data confidentiality and safety. However, because these networks were not designed to handle large processing volumes, businesses have to look for new ways to improve the efficiency of their current operations

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Mobile Messaging

NewNet’s Mercury mobile multimedia platform, recipient of the GSMA Innovation Award, enables content and service providers (CSPs) to deliver rich multimedia content to all subscribers, quickly and easily.

NewNet’s holistic, next generation, multimedia delivery platform enables content and service providers (CSPs) to unlock new revenue streams blocked by legacy business models and dramatically increase their profit margins. The platform will rapidly drive new mobile multimedia services, increase subscriber usage and drive revenue growth.

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