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Our program is all about you 

Be the solution your customers need today

That’s why we’ve recast our channel partner program: to help you build a solutions-practice with increased knowledge and expertise and the tools to differentiate yourself from the pack. And that’s why we’re more committed than ever to helping you turn market challenges into new opportunities by offering innovative solutions that are easy to sell.

Capitalize on market trends 

Mobile Payments 

Mobile payment market has gained tractions lately. According to Gartner, the number of global mobile payment users up 32% annually to reach 212.2 million in 2012, and worldwide mobile payment transaction value is expected to surpass $171.5 billion, 62% increase from 2011 values.

The rapidly growing mobile payment market is supported by a series of merchant activities: more and more retailers and restaurants are joining the mobile payment game; grocery stores and convenience stores are planning mobile payment mechanisms; public transportation companies are testing mobile payment method to pay for transit fare. In fact, studies show that 1 in 8 smartphone users completed a retail transaction on their phone and 71% of convenience store customers would be willing to pay for purchase.

The mobile payment market is forecasted to grow at a fast pace in the next couple of years. Juniper Research predicts that global mobile payment transactions are expected to exceed $1.3 trillion annually by 2017, an increase of nearly fourfold from current level, driven by sales of physical goods by both remote purchases and NFC transactions. Gartner projects that the mobile payment market will worth $617 billion with 448 million users by 2016. Forrester Research estimates that mobile payments will hit $31 billion by 2016, up from $6 billion last year.

Under such favorable market conditions, we’ve seen global opportunity for payment transaction routing and processing solutions from mobile and internet devices using NFC mobile wallets, SMS/USSD, mobile apps, mobile internet payments, carrier billed services.

Mobile Messaging 

Mobile network operators are presented with huge opportunity to enrich the mobile messaging experience and enhance applications and services. Juniper Research predicts that worldwide mobile messaging traffic will nearly double from 14.7 trillion per year in 2012 to 28.2 trillion by 2017. Despite the growing threat posed by over-the-top (OTT) messaging apps, SMS traffic will continue to drive more traffic than rival services, as mobile subscribers continue to embrace its ubiquity, reach and reliability.

Although statistics indicates that nearly half of smartphone owners now use some form of IM or OTT messaging apps in addition to or instead of traditional SMS, only a small percentage of consumers have fully replaced operator services by OTT apps. According to a recent survey issued by Analysys Mason, 97% of respondents still use SMS. Also, research by Acision showed that even the very tech-savvy, internet-enabled smartphone user actively uses SMS (95%) significantly more than the other OTT services.

To cope with challenges from OTT messaging apps, mobile operators should provide enriched messaging services, which resonate with the user. As mobile messaging service providers has installed customer base, reputation of trust and quality, as well as insight into user behavior, they are in a unique position to leverage existing assets while integrating new messaging services into their offering. By enabling seamless messaging across all networks, devices, social networks and communities, operators can boost loyalty, retention and revenue.

Voice Services Platform 

VoiceXML and CCXML technologies have changed the traditional thinking of automated telephony and voice systems, bringing standardization flexibility, and interoperability to telecommunication and networks. Because of the integration of text-to-speech, speech-to-text and web enabled functionality, IVRs are evolving to serve much broader applications and markets. At the same time, modern soft IVRs are driving costs and infrastructure dramatically lower; a win-win for developers and users alike.

IVR manufacturers that are compliant with the VoiceXML and CCXML standards bring the additional benefits of industry standards: ease of porting applications, a cadre of trained application programming specialists, protection from reliance on a single vendor, and in time, availability of “off the shelf” voice applications.

The evolution and value doesn’t stop there. By the end of 2013 (according to T3i Group) 95% of all IVR systems shipped support VoiceXML and 90% of those will use SIP-based VoIP telephony, both of which add features while lowering costs. This is further proof that the use of VoiceXML and CCXML when paired with SIP/VoIP is the correct choice for the future.

The overall values and benefits of upgrading your IVR are plentiful. Upgrading to a soft IVR means more dollars to the bottom line for enterprise companies. Integration with back end databases is easy yielding more intuitive customer experiences. With this goes a reduction in agent interaction, yielding more calls with the same number of agents. Voice integration and VoIP technology means shorter call duration which leads to less channels and port, more calls serviced with the same or fewer personnel and less hardware overhead.

Real-Time Rating and Charging 

As today’s telecom market continues to see a rapid increase in the popularity of smartphone devices, the massive amounts of voice and data consumed by these smartphone users will also continue to surge. Smartphone users currently account for 5 times more data usage than ordinary mobile phones, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Coda Research Consultancy forecasts that worldwide sales of smartphones will total 2.5bn units throughout 2010 to 2015, therefore subscribers will continue to demand and consume advanced voice and data services from their network operators.

As the convergence of advanced voice and data services gathers momentum, service providers (SPs) must implement a progressive and flexible real-time charging system to capture the potential revenue generated by these services. SPs face increasing demands in capacity, with mounting pressure to reduce costs and implement facilities such as service nodes. At the same time, SPs confront more complex business models and relationships as new types of service providers evolve, including content providers and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs).

Key Technologies 

MultiMedia Messaging 

NewNet Communication Technologies Messaging Portfolio caters to operators across all network technologies to replace, improve and expand their messaging infrastructure with state of the art offerings for SMS and MMS solutions. NewNet Messaging Portfolio brings ingenious mobile marketing, enhanced network security and small footprint features in next generation messaging platforms

Secure Transactions 

NewNet Communication Technologies TraxcomSecure transaction processing solution provides security and efficiency to various industries; mobile payments, e-banking, business to business verifications, security verifications, point to point encryption and a variety of custom applications. Our solution also enables customers to participate in the enormous growth and revenue potential.

Voice Services (IVR, Voice Biometrics, call campaigns, notifications etc) 

The NewNet Interact product portfolio includes high performance Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platforms such as the Nimblevox Cloud, and Nimblevox Engine. Nimblevox handles media resources such as voice, DTMF, and video. With inherent SIP and VoIP capabilities, Nimblevox provides enhanced media handling for large conferencing, audio streaming, and most importantly provides a development environment that allows you to make changes quickly and reliably.

Real-Time Rating and Charging 

The NewNet Interact product portfolio includes a real-time rating and charging platform. Invigorate product is a state of the art real-time convergent billing system which is engineered to meet the needs of operators in today’s ever changing and competitive environment. With a web based central point of control console, Invigorate provides a unified view of subscriber purchasing behavior. In addition, the modular solution based on open standard enables flexible and cost-effective implementation.

Get a blueprint for increased profit 

Conexus is a broad ranging design meant to address the needs of all our partners. We offer partner relationships for;

  •  3rd Party sales agents
  •  Referral partners
  •  Value added resellers and system integrators
  •  Distributors
  •  OEM’s

This is clearly a program designed to fit your company needs.

The NewNet Channel Partner Program offers more clearly differentiated program levels that reflect your core competencies and area of expertise.

With four levels of reseller—authorized, select, premier and elite—you leverage pricing and benefits as you advance. You’ll gain unprecedented visibility to where the market is going and where you can take your business. In addition, there are now more tools, support and training to help you move up the ladder.

Six critical success factors 

A foundation to building best-in-class partnerships 

Based on partner feedback, we identified six elements for the program to help you develop competencies, seize opportunities, be more profitable, and grow your business long term. These elements constitute the components of our Conexus Channel Partner Program.

  1. The more we know about you, the better we support you

    Profile – The partner application identifies the distinguishing demographics of your core business and competency: your market segment and verticals, your particular value-add, the area(s) of your expertise, and your future ambitions. The more we know about you, the better we can direct all our sales, marketing, and support efforts to meet your needs and expectations.

  2.  Maximize your business profile and core competencies

    Alignment – At NewNet, we are committed to support you every step of the way. We offer a program that is built on value, innovation, and commitment. Our Conexus Channel Partner Program lets you decide the level of participation that is most appropriate for your business and provides the highest return based on your value proposition. We have set the stage for success that supports you at every step, from pre-sales to field support. You can add NewNet innovative solutions to your product portfolio and differentiate yourself from the competition. A partner’s program level is determined by two criteria: (a) the partner’s competency as it relates to the relevant disciplines within each environment and (b) the partner’s commitment to NewNet. The different levels of competency and commitment are established by meeting clearly articulated expectations concerning knowledge of the Newnet product portfolio, training requirements and continuing education, sales and technical proficiency (from design through fulfillment),executive sponsorship, and business planning.

  3. Capitalize on today’s opportunities through continued education

    Empowerment – Best-in-class training helps you build competencies around NewNet solutions to solve your customers’ most challenging problems. This professional education is available as self-paced, on-demand, online training, live webinars with industry experts, and instructor-led classroom training for more hands-on applications. The training is divided into two paths: sales and engineering. The sales path builds proficiency in sales expertise to recognize the customer’s business challenges, detect and define the customer’s needs, and overcome any objections. The engineering path provides partners with best practices, technical know-how, and the latest breakthroughs in conceptualizing, designing, and implementing solutions for customers. The system easily identifies the requirements of each individual certification, including your completion status of each course.This best-in-class training tool empowers you to become a trusted adviser with an unmatched level of expertise.

  4. Create market demand, generate increased awareness, and grow your business

    Enablement – We are committed to providing our partners with quality, high-impact, and proven sales and marketing tools to help you grow your business. NewNet has been in the marketing vanguard for years—unlike other companies, we’ve measured what works and what doesn’t. Now we enable our channel partners to leverage our collective marketing experience. We have spec sheets, downloadable brochures, white papers, case studies and presentations—all the resources our internal marketing department uses are now available for you as well.

  5. Facilitate two-way conversation to network and share best practices

    Collaboration – Partner-to-partner collaboration is designed to provide a vehicle for connecting partners and their complementary value(s). NewNet channel partners sell across verticals, and customer segments—increasingly we see partners linking up to mesh their complementary strengths and provide a single seamless solution to customers. Partners who collaborate with other solution providers have grown deeper customer relationships and delivered more value to customers.The Conexus Channel Partner Program provides an interactive environment for one of the industry’s largest and most diverse set of partners to share best practices, check out our blogs, find tools, network, and partner with one another. This “gated community” also facilitates real-time two-way dialogue between NewNet and our partners.A partner specializing in one area or industry can collaborate with another. Each brings their respective expertise to the table to provide the customer with more value, without having to invest themselves in staffing up in those particular areas.

    Program benefits add up

  6. The more you advance, the more you benefit

    Profit – As you progress through each tier of the new program structure, your benefits, privileges, and profit opportunities increase. The program provides financial differentiation to partners, including upfront preferred pricing, an opportunity registration program, back-end incentives, and other programs that ensure the partner relationship is profitable and well worth the commitment to NewNet.Opportunity Registration ProgramThe Opportunity Registration Program rewards partners who identify, develop, and win new NewNet business opportunities, and, in the absence of NewNet field participation, create demand for new NewNet business and value add through their services. A neutral registration process validates and protects new opportunities to motivate invested partners to generate incremental NewNet business. Approved opportunities remain registered for three months.

So, why Partner with NewNet? 

NewNet Conexus Partner Program is a flexible, benefits rich channel partner program offered with the support you need most to increase your revenues, expand your product offerings to your existing customer base, and develop a new product line that attracts new clientele. This multi-tiered program presents great opportunities for you to sell into the many companies looking to adopt advanced mobile payment, advanced voice services, and mobile messaging solutions. We are committed to supporting our channel partner every step of the way to success and offer a program that is built on value and innovation

  • Tools and Resources tailored to serve your needs
  • Tiered program to fit your needs
  • Industry Leadership
  • Product Excellence
  • Complete Training and Certification
  • Business Worldwide

Reseller Testimonials 


“As an emerging technology VAR our vision is to differentiate from our competitors providing solutions with exceptional value to our customers and a strong ability to execute their projects. Partnering with Newnet has helped us achieve these goals seamlessly.”

Carlos Hazin

Engineering Manager