NewNet Mobile Communications

Monetizing Subscriber Behavior in MultiMedia 
The cell phone is the most commonly owned and used information device in the world today. There are more than five billion cell phones in use worldwide. Wireless subscriptions exceed the total number of televisions, personal computers and landline telephones combined. Because of this dominance, the cell phone is becoming the focal point for all information access and sharing. Based on this fact, one would assume that the Cellular Network Operator is the center of the information universe, however, this is not the case.

NewNet Secure Transactions Processing

Electronic Payment Card Transactions 
Early electronic payment card (EPC) transaction networks required a merchant cashier to write-up and manually enter each transaction. The cashier provided the majority of the transaction support. A customer’s involvement was typically limited to presenting the card and then signing a receipt. At the end of the business day; the merchant processed their EPC transactions with the rest of their sales records.

The Basics of SSL for IP Financial Transactions 
Secure transport of business critical data has enabled the proliferation of a broad range of financial transactions, e-commerce and e-banking services across the Internet.

The Changing Landscape of Payment Processing and How Mobile Network Operators Can Capitalize 
Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) seeking new sources of revenue have innate characteristics
which favorably position them to venture into the processing payments arena, especially the
growing area of mobile payments.

The Keys to Becoming a Successful Acquirer of Transactions in a Changing Payment Environment 
Driven by increased demand for mobile and electronic commerce, higher data volumes, the proliferation
of new devices and emerging network and back-office technologies the payment system
is changing.

Invigorate Real-Time Rating and Charging

Rating in the Cloud
In the highly competitive small-to-medium mobile communications market, it is imperative that carriers and operators are able to quickly package, promote, and deploy new and innovative communication services based upon their unique operational requirements – and do this with minimal investment.

Mobile Bill Shock 
With the advent of smartphones and the subsequent rise of the consumption of data and roaming services by mobile subscribers, mobile operators have been faced with the task of providing transparent billing for these services. With the wave of consumers demanding advanced data and roaming services, operators have struggled with finding efficient means for the and ratio of these services. This has led to an increase in customer Bill Shock when receiving unexpectedly high data and roaming bills, as well as attracted the attention of regulatory agencies looking to establish protections in order to deflect cases of Bill Shock. The following paper will explore the various avenues mobile operators can leverage to provide greater billing transparency, enhance the subscriber experience, and create stronger subscriber loyalty.

Nimblevox Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Cloud Communications and IVR Whitepaper
Cloud Computing, Platform-as-a-Service, and Cloud Communications have become mainstream buzzwords in the information technology world, yet these terms are often misunderstood. However, if implemented, Cloud Communications deliver significant benefits along with advance features and functionality, without straining a company’s budget. As one of the fastest growing technologies, more and more organizations are adopting Cloud Communications, and while Cloud Communications are remarkably changing the way companies do business, many are still unaware of the benefits Cloud Communications could bring to their business operations. This white paper will discuss the features and services offered with Cloud Communications, and how they can be implemented by an organization to offer greater flexibility, along with lower than expected costs to immediately impact a company’s business.

Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR Whitepaper 
In today’s consumer driven marketplace, one of the basic principles of business is that a satisfied customer becomes a loyal customer. While many organizations rely on inbound feedback and phone calls from consumers to handle questions or complaints, proactive outbound information to consumers to keep them informed of new services, products, promotions, and policies can be an integral part in building stronger consumer relationships. Although many organizations think implementing a successful outbound broadcasting campaign may be cost prohibitive and time consuming, the advancements of cloud-based outbound IVR solutions have made such solutions accessible to any organization of any size, enabling you to quickly and effectively get your message out to your consumers.

Digital Fuel IT Business Management

Showback and Chargeback 

The Right Tools

  • Flexible cost model for calculating unit costs and rates
  • Volume based allocations for accuracy
  • Online access to Bill of IT or automated distribution
  • Automation for scale and efficient cost recovery

 High-Value Outcomes

  • Improved business alignment and communication
  • Drive responsible consumption to control IT costs
  • Increased credibility and defendability
  • Spend less time explaining IT costs and charges